Who is Not Amy and what is Not Amy's Farm?

"When I was a 911 Dispatcher, my co-workers kept calling me Amy, until one day I finally said I'm not Amy; that name stuck! I named my farm 'Not Amy's Farm' as a joke, and now it has evolved into this!"

Not Amy's Farm is a Health and Happiness Boutique located in Pillager, MN. In this small space, we showcase the incredible creativity of local (and mostly Minnesotan) creations, as well as other gifts and must haves that might not be Minnnesotan, but will quickly become your favorites.

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Aprile (aka 'Not Amy') uses her herbal and Ayurvedic background to create plant-powered "solutions for skin situations".

These creations are carefully and thoughtfully formulated to harness the strength and power of the individual plant properties.

Plants are grown or harvested directly at Not Amy's Farm or sourced organically and sustainably.

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Farm Helpers

Bees are an essential part of Not Amy's Farm. Not only do they provide essential pollination for the orchard and gardens, but the honey is a crucial ingredient in some of the products: Lip Bälm, Bath Sōk, Sōp, Sweet and Salty Exfoliating Skrŭb.

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Farm Animals

Sheep, goats, alpacas, oh my!

Not Amy spent a few years "collecting" the farm menagerie consisting of rare or heritage breeds of sheep (to create a spinner's flock) as well as chickens, guineas, geese, ducks, dogs, cats, one horse and one donkey.

  • Lip Bälm

    "This lip bälm is the BEST!!!"


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  • Sōp

    "Your homemade soap was the only one I used (could tolerate) when I had a bad eczema outbreak this winter! Thank you, NAF!"


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  • Wound Aide Sälv

    "We used this on Willow and ourselves. It’s amazing!"


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