About Us

My name is Aprile (aka Not Amy) and in 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemo, radiation and surgeries were all complete, I set out to find a way to not go down that road again by working with a Master Herbalist to get my health back on track.

In 2018, I enrolled in an Ayurvedic Health Counseling program, Yoga Teacher Training, Home Herbalist program and began taking courses towards my Master's Degree. Possibly a little too much at once, but at the time, I was fueled by the desire to learn all of the things that I had put on the "someday" list. Plus, life is short, right?

Because the farm takes a considerable amount of time, my plan was to have a dedicated space to hold classes, but then COVID hit, and my tiny space was not big enough for more than 1-2 people at a time, and since I needed to keep the lights on, I shifted to retail. Something I knew very little about.

Having just a few products at the time (yarn, roving, honey, and a few salves), I stood in the space thinking who is going to come in here when I have so little to offer? I set about searching for other artists, makers and small businesses and slowly the shelves began to fill.

Fast forward to now...along with the expanded line of Not Amy's Farm products, the Health And Happiness Boutique located in Pillager now features over 65 other crafters, makers and artists highlighting (mostly) Minnesota-centric, natural and organic products + exceptional gift ideas.

I am working to get some of these other amazing products online, and for now, you can check a lot of them out via the Shop app and the NAF Facebook and Instagram shops as well.

And now you know!

Go make it a great day because you're the only one that can!