Part 1 of Not Amy's top 6 plants on the farm. 🌱

Part 1 of Not Amy's top 6 plants on the farm. 🌱

The first newsletter in a 6-part series of Not Amy's top 6 plants on the farm just dropped a few days ago, and we're posting some of that here. Missed it? Get signed up today and you'll be in the loop for the next one.

Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is one of those plants that has been talked about in Greek mythology as well as the history books. Soldiers used to carry the leaves in pouches in order to administer first aid on the battlefield. Why? Because those leaves can stop bleeding and ease pain.

Pretty impressive, right?

Yarrow has qualities that make it antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The flowers are astringent and are useful for healing and soothing the skin. These properties make yarrow particularly helpful to those suffering from inflamed skin, chronic redness or bruising because yarrow is known as a blood mover.

You can see why yarrow would be very useful on a farm (or anywhere)!

Not Amy harvests wild yarrow on the farm and crafts the plant material into Sōp, Sälv, Bath Sōk and Lip Bälm. You can find these in-boutique and online.

Therapeutic benefits of Yarrow in the bath: healing and soothing to the skin, fever reducer, cold & flu treatment, heals skin abrasions and reduces redness and swelling, relieves cramps.

Skin situations where Yarrow Sälv can be useful:
*Minor scrapes
*Minor burns
*Bee stings
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