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Roses Are Red Bath Sōk

Roses Are Red Bath Sōk

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Roses Are Red (And Pink) Bath Sōk

Benefits of roses, hibiscus and rosehip seed oil in the bath: useful for soothing irritated skin, and easing stress.

Ingredients: aluminum-free baking soda, citric acid, organic oatmeal, dead sea salt, Epsom salts, Himalayan salt, organic coconut milk, local and/or organic honey, rose clay, white clay, local and/or organic rose petals, organic hibiscus flowers, witch hazel, local and non-GMO sunflower oil, organic aloe vera, organic rosehip seed oil.

Net Wt. 7 oz.

Ready. Set. Go! The contents of this compostable, 100% recyclable canister can be used for 2-3 baths (depending on the size of your tub). Pour the desired amount into your bathwater & watch as the magic of simple chemistry unpacks a wealth of nutrition for your skin & muscles. Allow at least 20 minutes for each luxurious immersion. When ready, carefully emerge & pat yourself dry. This will help retain the skin-softening benefits that you’ve just worked so hard to soak up.

Enjoy & be well!

❀ MN Made

❀ 100% Natural

❀ Woman Owned

❀ GMO Free

Discontinue use if adverse symptoms appear. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
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