Pain vs Suffering

Pain and suffering are two separate things. Pain is an instant and automatic reaction to an external stimulus. Suffering is a choice. I know, I know…stay with me.

Initially, suffering may be beneficial for printing instructions onto the cloth of the mind. Hey, don’t step on the business end of a rake, or you’ll likely get thwacked in the face. Thanks, that’s helpful. But every time you see a rake, you’re not meant to re-live every single moment of “the incident”.  You don’t have to assign blame or reason out the shoulda, woulda or coulda’s. You’re meant to take the cliff notes with you, but that’s it.

Similarly, when something happens (mentally, emotionally, physically) you’re not meant to keep hashing it over in your brain. That’s suffering. And yes, it’s easier said than done. And yes, not everything is simple once you remove the packaging. What’s inside the box is often quite complicated. Try not to get sucked in though, and please remember that these negative thoughts affect you on the cellular level. Not in a good way. Have you seen the quote “Not delicate like a flower, delicate like a bomb”? This is what is happening inside. Think of each negative thought as if it’s a molecule of gunpowder. On it’s own and in a perfect environment, it’s fine. But do you really want to collect something that has the potential to be unstable, unpredictable and devastating?

Try this: next time your brain regurgitates incidents with thoughts that make you feel a certain kind of way, say them all out loud. You can’t? They’re too awful or painful? That’s a red flag then. If you couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t say these things out loud or to any other person, then why are you hiding that piece of cake for yourself. Look at it closely. It’s rotten and you need to take out the trash.

Make it a good day people – you are the only one that can. Seriously.

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