One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All.

It’s meant to be a catch-all, multi-purpose solution designed to save time and money. For some things it makes sense, but for others it does not.

Let me tell you a story…

About three years ago, I started having excruciating, year-round tooth pain. To the extent that I would sit there crying and drooling. Pretty, right? Every six months I would go to the dentist, asking “what is wrong with my teeth?” They kept assuring me “Nothing is wrong – structurally your roots and teeth are in really good shape.” I would ask for help and they would recommend a specific toothpaste and tell me that when that stopped working, they could give me prescription strength toothpaste. I would ask “will this fix the problem?” and they would say “No, it will make it so you can’t feel the pain though.”

I would go to my cancer follow-up appointments every six months and ask if my tooth pain had something to do with the chemo, radiation or other anti-cancer drugs. They would say “No, we have no indication of that being a side effect.”

I tried homeopathic and herbal remedies, essential oils, natural toothpaste, mushrooms…you name it, and each time there would be a little improvement, but nothing long-lasting. Even still, I refused to use the other toothpaste because to me, feeling the pain made more sense than masking it. Mostly though, my fear was: what if that stopped working? Then what? Pain can be an effective way for the body to tell you to wake the hell up and change something and I was determined to figure it out.

One day, I was listening to Ayurvedic doctor doing a lecture on nourishing the tissues and I finally had my answer. I needed minerals – that is what my teeth were trying to tell me. Give me food I can use! My food habits were decent, but without specificity, it was still a one size fits all approach. Upon recommendation, I immediately started adding black sesame seeds to my routine, and slowly my tooth pain diminished and disappeared.

This is one of the (many) reasons why I study Ayurveda. The toothpaste was a one size fits all solution to a problem, but personally,  I’m more interested in understanding how the cells function to our benefit (and sometimes our detriment) depending on external influences. In Ayurveda, all it takes is making changes and adjustments based on your individual configuration (i.e. how your particular body system works). How fantastic is that?

Go make it a great day – you’re the only one that can!

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