Let’s talk about honey!

Did you know that honey shouldn’t be cooked? While honey is typically considered a healthy alternative to granulated or processed sugars, there are other natural substitutes (like maple syrup) that are better suited for baking and still provide that “caramel” flavor.

Traditionally, honey has been regarded as most beneficial when taken by the teaspoon to ward off allergic reactions to pollens or for its general health-boosting qualities due to the antioxidants and mineral content. Honey is also highly regarded for its wound healing ability because of its antimicrobial and antibacterial nature.

Because the melting point of honey is around 104 °F, it is better suited for sweetening beverages, topping toast, or used in treats that are not cooked. When honey is pasteurized (around 161 °F), the pollen, natural yeast cells and enzymes are destroyed. Which kind of defeats the purpose of choosing honey in the first place.

Since knowledge is power, keep this information in mind for the times you need to liquify granulated honey. Putting the jar in a pan of hot water (100 °F or less) for a few hours or putting the jar in a preheated oven (again 100 °F or less) will get you back in business in no time.

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