The Story

The Story

Not Amy's Farm - A Health and Happiness Boutique was initially meant to be an extension of the farm that would offer the NAF plant-powered formulations, honey and fiber as well as being a space to hold classes. The plan was to be able to balance running the farm and offering classes such that they would complement each other.

And then...COVID happened and just like the rest of the world, NAF was left scrambling to move forward and pay the bills at the same time. Since there were only a handful of NAF products at that point, but not nearly enough to fill a store, the quest began to find other unique Minnesota-centric products and creations that people would love.

Just like the farm, the inventory is diverse and shifts frequently. As of 2022, we are very proud to offer products from over 65 different artists, makers and creators. The passion to offer classes is still in the works, however ensuring the success of the boutique has taken a priority. Once that part stabilizes, we will get back to the initial plan!

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